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The above picture is me and for as far as I know describing me is as describing the impossible. So let me try to at least explain my introspection.

Have you ever played trivial pursuit? Each time a question is asked you feel your brain working and then it comes, the solution! You bravely yell the answer and hope for a positive outcome so you can fill up your little pie with bright coloured pieces. And each time when you play it again you start to remember the answers and so create a little library of trivial information in your head. That is me, a living trivial library of the world. Always eager to play another game until I can describe the impossible and that is my work I am active as an Artist, (sociologist) researcher and writer. It sounds like a lot but doesn’t forget how colorful a filled trivial pie is.

Additional information

Currently located in Rotterdam and London

Studied at

Goldsmiths University of London
University of the Arts London Central Saint Martins
Willem de Kooning Academie
Het Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam


Willem de Kooning, Rotterdam

UCVLowTech, Universidad Catolica de Valencia
The Hmm, Worm, Rotterdam



Garage,  Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Bcademie,  Rotterdam, The Netherlands
NX10 Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Unusuals, ZOHO, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Central Saint Martins, London, England
Visual Research Centre’s (VRC) Centrespace, Dundee, Scotland

Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

GLR OUT THERE, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Grafisch Lyceum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Related activities

Teacher Theory and Methods, Willem de Kooning Academie

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De Kroon