Dear Miss Evergreen
Dear Miss Evergreen
Today the sun bites
Recovered from a winter sleep
It lurks behind the clouds
Ready to burst and burn my face
It’s may, it might still snow..
Snow in a summer feeling
While enjoying a Pinot

Dear Miss. Evergreen
The sun is shining, I am sitting outside.
5 degrees, I am fighting not to freeze
still, the sun is roaring
As I enjoy a gender sound
Not that of the city around me
A city I rather not found.
No, it is bird trying to drown the cities soundscape.
Covering it in its melody,
Death to humanity!
Despite his loud rudeness, his presence stayed well hidden.
The little bastard,
I did not bow in which direction to bow.
I forgot I could have clapped.
Instead, I whispered thank you for trying

This place called Evergreen, is rarely seen.
A land which is fought for, by far and wide.
Fell into a deep slumber, one night.
It dreamed of its conquests and shed many tears.
As it decided to fear,
Words, spilt by the tongues of men.