”The definition, the embodiment, the copy” is a work inspired by the work One and Three Chairs of Joseph Kosuth. It was a work of art that I made for my graduation project  ‘Authoritative by design’. The project ‘Authoritative by design’ explains how digital expression by image and text is easily misinterpreted or manipulated and debated the ways in which information can be designed to be perceived as trustworthy. This work shares with you a definition of a newspaper, a print newspaper and its digital version. The work just as Kosuths debates the representation of a concept and its representation by stressing the notion of digital platform in contrast to its analogue predecessor. As mentioned in my paper on the topic:
”The image has become a powerful medium, that constructs and destroys truth, depending on the interface with which it is consumed, as a conflict between the rhetoric and linguistics symbols of its surroundings. If the intent is to assure the content is more transparent, the interface should facilitate options in usage to the user, in order for him or her to reach that goal. This should take into consideration how the user uses the interface, how information is read on the interface as well as in depth, and in which way the user can suggest new content, without making unwanted connections, due to the algorithm ascribed to the users”.

The definition
The embodiment
The copy
Mixed material, Digital laser print on thick paper
Dimensions overall
Project date
June 2017