Concept design

We are all but one. Identity is not limited to a certain product or service. Our characters are not only reflected in the occupations which occur during our ‘daily life’ but as well within.  We are in constant negotiation with the other self.  I challenge the imitation of action as a concept designer. And create from an active sociological l term, a visualization of its definition. Highlighting the fragile and parsable parts of ”I”.

Critical and Creative analyses

To be critical but creative analyst means to observe a conflict without the perception of time and visualize its outcome. The need for exploration and explanation is especially noticeable in a world where everything moves so fast. Making use of so much information that it cultivates a need for short-term futures. Undergoing this conflict undermines experience.  As an analyst, I create a map of undergoing developments. Rethinking routines, directing you towards new ones.

Visual Sociology

Research can be done in many ways but is mainly expressed with difficult words. As a Visual Sociologist, my research is characterised by its visual representation. Meaning that the outcome becomes available for those who would normally not be able to engage with the scientific or philosophic written language. As well as representing the visual and auditive world. To go against that what is underrepresented in the academic sphere and opening up to an entirely new audience.


Critical thinking, research, intellectual rigor and creative problem solving are at the core of my visual work. Writing, in this case, takes an important part as it balances the process.  My personal work is based on this mindset. This might be in the form of a academic or creative writing. Rather than to choose between the two, I’ve found a balance in using both techniques to clearly explain the outcome of my work.